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Hello and welcome to the BumBum Help center. What can we help you with today? Choose the kind of help you need:

Providing Services!

Creating and promoting SedCards. Advertising your services. Communicating with customers.

For Advertisers
Finding the one...

Browsing SedCards, finding the desired match and organising the dream date.

For Consumers

In case you'd like to resolve a specific issue which is not covered on any of the help pages — contact our support team.

Popular Articles

Your First SedCard

The main advertising building block of BumBum — is a SedCard. A SedCard (also called comp card, composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models, in our case Sex-Models continue reading...

Pricing at BumBum

We believe in quality content and quality service, hence our pricing structures are setup in a way to reward quality vendors and punish those who are trying to cheat or abuse our system or cheat on the customers continue reading...

SedCards & Lists

All SedCards and their content including pictures are managed by the service providers and not BumBum. Nonetheless we are doing a lot in order to ensure What You See Is What You Get (i.e. that YOUR expectations are met when booking a date from our catalog), this being an absolutely FREE service carried out by BumBum for sex-service consumers continue reading...

BumBum Coins

BumBum has an internal virtual currency called BumBum Coins or BSC. In the near future it will be migrated to the block-chain technology. Pretty much all automated business operations are conducted in BSC continue reading...