BumBum is committed to providing quality data to all our visitors and top of the line service to all the advertisers using our web portal.

Vendors following our guidelines and advice enjoy a solid influx of a lot of new customers. We are dedicated to fighting cheaters and abusers of our system. Lets create quality content and prosper together!

What can I expect as Advertiser?

On average, BumBum is visited daily by over 5.000 unique visitors. We span around 70.000 unique visitors per month (over 90% of these are from Austria). This is a HUGE potential for your ad to be seen and money to be earned.


In case you are employed as a sole Sex-Worker, or you are acting as part of a Studio / Escort Service then certainly the best advertising strategy for you is to create a SedCard on our platform. Typically a new ad will receive a lot of attention and will roughly yield somewhere around 150-200 contacts in the first three days. In case this is not enough to fill your appetite, you can always use many of our promotion possibilites to get even more attention to your SedCard(s).

The higher the quality of your content and services, the higher the revenue you will be able to generate from BumBum.