SedCard Promotions

Having your SedCard published on BumBum is already a great source of new customer contacts to start with, yet sometimes there is this moment in time when you really need that extra push. We have all the tools at hand to help you make it happen!

All SedCards on BumBum are presented in form of a sorted list, be it on the start page, in any of the channels, a search result page or any other collection of Ads. Booking a SedCard promotion will have a direct effect on the positioning of your SedCard in all lists: the higher your placement, the more contacts will be reaching out to you.

Important! All Lists are also built based on the geographical location of the customer i.e. users entering BumBum from Salzburg will first see ALL SedCards from within 100km around Salzburg City, and only then be presented with all the others. Hence it is essential to have the correct city listed in your SedCard(s). Naturally SedCard promotions have an effect on placement in YOUR geographical area, but not globally.

We offer three types of possible promotions, all explained in more detail below:

Stay On Top

This is by far the most efficient type of promotion. Once booked, your SedCard will be always on top of all lists for the next 24 hours. This promotion can also be booked for one or two weeks.

Achtung! since more than one SedCard can have an active StayOnTop promotion we guarantee the following: ALL SedCards with an active StayOnTop promotion will be placed above all other SedCards in all lists. To ensure that everyone gets a go at the top spots, all StayOnTop placements are rotated every 50 minutes.

Of course, since StayOnTop is a promotion that is running for a previously defined timeframe > YOU can pick any date/time when it should kick in while booking the promotion (at an additional cost).

Push To Top

Fancy a quick date? Then probably this will be the right kind of promotion for you. PushTopTop — will place your SedCard at the very top of all lists once. When other vendors book the same promotion after you, then your SedCard will gradually move down (to second, then third, then fourth place, et cetera).

All StayOnTop ads (if any) will be placed ABOVE your SedCard every 50 minutes. In practice PushToTop will move your sedcard to the top of the list for a limited timeframe, after which it will slowly "drown" in all lists within the next 6-8 hours.

Push To High

Conceptually this is the same type of promotion as Push To Top, with some «perks»:

  • The SedCard which was promoted using PushToHigh will be highlighted in ALL lists with a fat pink border for the next 48 hours. It will visually stand out.
  • PushToHigh pricing is separate from PushToTop, so if demand for PushToTop surges, PushToHigh pricing will not be affected.