The main advertising building block of BumBum — is a SedCard. A SedCard (also called comp card, composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models, in our case Sex-Models.

Almost all interaction with potential and existing customers is initiated from your SedCard. It is essential to ensure that it is filled with quality content, they serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card and are a basis for forming customer's expectations when booking a date.

Below is a quick checklist of what constitutes a GOOD SedCard vs. a BAD SedCard. Of course GOOD SedCard get notably more attention and contact requests. Lets all create quality data and prosper!

Good Bad
Easy to remember name Cryptic title with no name
Precise description around 300 words Very short or very long text. Even worse — text copied from other Ads
All metrics are real (age, height, weight, bra) Metrics are fake
Phone Number verified Phone Number NOT verified
Address provided (for Geo-Coding!) Wrong or non-existing address provided
6-7 Photos on SedCard Only 1-2 images, or over 20
Recent self-made photos Photos older than 2 years, photoshopped
Photo Checked by Moderator No Photo Check

Please find below a more detailed description of all the sections that a SedCard consists of.

General Data / Metrics

These include the Girl Name, Subtitle, Description and general metrics that are of interest to our visitors, such as height, weight, bra size and type, and last but not least — age. Metric data is often used for filtering data, thus the more accurate your inputs, the more hits you will receive from prospective customers.


Rates can be defined for various time intervals from 15 minutes up to one whole day. At least ONE rate is mandatory (we will not accept SedCards with no rate info whatsoever).

Contact Details

We insist on every SedCard to list a valid phone number. Verified phone numbers (via SMS) are marked as such all over the portal and are extremely valued by customers as a sign of quality.

It is essential to also list the correct address when creating your SedCard, we ensure correctness by using Google Map's data. Your address will NOT be visible to anyone unless you mark your SedCard as «visitable». However, correct location is very important, since ALL OUR DATA is geo-coded: users entering the site from Salzburg will first see all local SedCards and only then all the others. You want to be seen? Provide quality data.

Pictures / Video

SedCards can be "made pretty" with up to one hundred images, however only one (main) image is mandatory. This will also be the image used to display the SedCard in all the lists and search result pages.

From experience, SedCards with photos shot on phones (so as close to reality as possible) yield THE MOST contact requests. Studio photos and photo-shopped images are a reason for a lot of confusion, unmet expectations and problem reports.

Absolutely ALL uploaded images are automatically checked by our Neural Network if they are found anywhere on the internet. Questionable content is passed to a human for further moderation. We insist on quality of content. Thus the following image rules are to be met:

  • The lady on the images and the lady showing up to the date — MUST be the same lady
  • Photos MUST be copyright free (i.e. if some other party than you owns them — we will lock the SedCard)
  • Images are generally expected to be of good quality
  • The photos may not show more than 1 person (in case you need more, you might be better off with a banner)
  • No TEXT is allowed on the photos (in case you need text, you might be better off with a banner)

To signal QUALITY of content we offer a Photo Check possibility where you upload a selfie of yourself and a human moderator may grant you a «Verified» marker which will be visible on all the lists. These are extremely valued by customers as a sign of quality AND will also automatically quality the SedCard for many pricing bonuses.