TAC of BumBum

1. General topics

1.1 How often can you create SedCards?

Our rule is one SedCard per lady. You can change and edit this as often as you like. As a studio, Laufhaus or escort service, you can of course place SedCards for several different ladies.

1.2 Blocking the account

BumBum is a serious platform with a focus on quality. If users violate our rules, we will normally inform them first, then issue a warning and then block them.

In urgent cases, in the event of fraud or if it is otherwise at our discretion, we will immediately block the account without notification or warning.

If a user with active SedCards does not log into his account for more than 90 days, the account will be blocked. You can reactivate this lock at any time with a short email to support.

In the event of a breach of the terms and conditions or statutory provisions, BumBum will delete the SedCard concerned or, in the event of repeated violations, the account - a processing fee of 59,- euros will be due for this.

1.3 Deleting and recreating SedCards

You can change and edit your SedCard as often as you want. So there is no reason to delete your SedCard and switch it on again. Unless you think you will get to the first page with it - unfortunately this is not the case and therefore you can save yourself and us the work.

1.4 Linking to external sites

You can insert a link to your homepage on your SedCard under «Website URL». However, it is not allowed to set links to other platforms or pages of the competition.

1.5 Forum posts

BumBum reserves the right to delete forum posts at any time without giving reasons. In particular, however, posts that violate applicable law and / or are inhuman, insulting, defamatory, threatening.

Furthermore, it is not allowed to post articles in a language other than German or English.

2. SedCard content

2.1 Language of description texts

The descriptive text may only be written in German or English.

2.2 Attendance times - availability

There is a special field for availability - and our users also look for it there - the description text is not well suited for this.

2.3 Offers from men

BumBum is exclusively for offers for real meetings of women or transsexuals for men. Offers of video chats, picture or video sales and the like are not permitted. Likewise, offers by men for men and by men for women are not permitted.

2.4 Phone number

There is a separate field for the phone number - and the phone number should only be there. Please do not write this in the description text.

2.5 Website URL

Like the telephone number, the web address may only be in the field provided for it.

3. SedCard photos

3.1 Design of the photos

With the SedCards it is not allowed to design the photos graphically. You are welcome to make the face unrecognizable, but not add borders, fonts or other graphic elements. It is also not allowed to use collages made up of several pictures.

3.2 Hardcore photos

It is not allowed to use hardcore photos as the main image. By "hardcore" we mean photos that show either the vagina, the penis or both. This does not apply to "additional pictures" - "Hardcore" photos are allowed here.

3.3 Copyright and "fake" photos

Our users rightly expect that the pictures on a SedCard show the person whose service is being offered. This not only means that no "fake" images may be used, but also that the photo must be up-to-date. Furthermore, it is a criminal offense if photos are used, of which one does not have the photo rights.


These terms and conditions regulate the use of the website (platform) as well as the content and services offered in relation to SedCards. They also apply to such content that users send within the framework of the platform in the form of e-mail, SMS, forum contributions or chat messages or display on the site (e.g. image upload), hereinafter referred to as "user content", as well as for the purchase of BumBum- Coins. The TACs are binding in the current version at the time of use.

The user acknowledges that parts of the BumBum website contain representations that are not suitable for minors and that it is solely up to him, as a fully competent person, to provide the persons under his care with access to such content / services to the extent required to restrict.

In addition to these provisions, the general terms and conditions for users of the platform apply. The consent to this is given when registering an account on BumBum.


By registering an account and / or participating in the platform's services (e.g. switching a SedCard), the user acknowledges that the entire content of the platform is the sole property of the operator. The user undertakes to use the content and information from or via the platform exclusively for personal use and to refrain from any further use or exploitation in whatever form.

Each user is fully liable for the legal harmlessness of the content created and / or distributed by him. In particular, he has to ensure that his contributions are free of violence glorifying, inhuman, abusive, defamatory, threatening, encouraging to criminal offenses or racist content and that they do not violate the rights of third parties and do not unduly harass any user in any other way. Above all, third-party copyrights, trademarks and naming rights are to be observed and entries that are suitable for accepting the unauthorized presumption of such rights or for causing confusion or misleading are to be strictly avoided.


By uploading photos on the platform of the user warrants BumBum to that the person depicted in the photos either the user shows itself or the user's photos with the express consent of the person depicted uploaded. Furthermore, the user assures BumBum that he has all the rights necessary to upload the photos, in particular the necessary copyrights.

With the upload, the user grants BumBum a free worldwide, non-exclusive license to use the work to reproduce, make publicly available and edit the photos. The editing right is exercised by BumBum by automatically applying the watermark "BumBum". The user assures BumBum that adding such a watermark to the photos does not violate any moral rights of the photographer.

The user holds BumBum harmless in the event that third parties consider their rights (in particular their copyrights, moral rights and / or personal rights) to be infringed by the uploading of photos to the platform - and without complaint.


BumBum endeavors to provide all users with the best possible quality of services and to continuously develop the offer without, however, granting a claim to the use of free services. No guarantee can be given for their availability, functionality, reliability, completeness or faultlessness; In addition, BumBum reserves the right to modify or restrict these services at any time without notice, to delete stored content or messages or to initially offer free offers for a fee after prior notification.

BumBum has no obligation to generally monitor the processes on its websites or to actively investigate potential legal violations by users. The information transmitted by them without being prompted by BumBum or their recipients are neither selected nor changed in advance.

However, if BumBum becomes aware of violations of applicable law or unacceptable disregard of the etiquette rules applied by honest users of the Internet by certain users, BumBum will immediately take all measures it deems necessary and expedient to remedy. Above all, warnings, deletion of affected posts, blocking of the responsible user and / or, if necessary, the transfer of their data for purposes of legal prosecution come into consideration.

All readers / users can inform BumBum at any time of illegal content discovered on BumBum in writing or by email. The appropriate and reasonable steps, taking into account the specific circumstances, are then initiated, provided that the allegations are adequately certified. A right to take certain desired measures is not granted.

5. BumBum - COINS

You can purchase BumBum - Coins (BSC), which in turn can me exchanged for for services from us, which we are offering on our platform (publishing of SedCards and banners, promotion of SedCards and providing of VIP functions).

You can buy BSC directly from out platform or our community, where each transaction has a purchase limit of € 200,-. In addition, your account may have a maximum of an equivalent of €1000,- in BSC at any given point in time.

To purchase BSC at low rates and as simple as possible, we recommend the use of specially generated QR code for your account, by using this code directly at the Point-of-Sale (any Tabak-Trafic in Austria) users have the ability to directly top-up their accounts with BSC.

If you buy BSC directly through our platform, we will carefully examine the transaction. We reserve the right to refuse credits from BSC to individual users at our own discretion or to set limits on the maximum amount of BSC on an account - which deviates from the above value limits.

In a justified suspicion of fraud, breach of other legal provisions or against the objections raised here Conditions we have also the right to freeze transactions to complete clarification.

As soon as we have credited the purchased BSC to your account, you can no longer cancel your purchase.

The purchase of BSC only grants you the right to redeem them on our platform. The purchased BSC have absolutely not value outside of BumBum and are not linked to any other external system.

BSC can not be resold or transferred in any way or exchanged for cash, used for another account or redeemed for services provided by third unless that we are legally obliged to do so. BSC have temporally unlimited validity.

As far as this is permitted by law is, you agree to assume responsibility for all activities related to the acquisition and the redemption of BSC to assume that from your account from be made.

We reserve the right to conduct changes to the BSC system described above. The changes, if these occur, will be announced on our platform.


Should individual provisions of these terms and conditions be or become wholly or partially ineffective due to mandatory statutory provisions, the validity of the content not affected by them remains unaffected.

Insofar as a user incurs property damage or financial damage in the course of normal use, the cause of which can be attributed to illegal behavior by BumBum or its assistants in accordance with these terms and conditions, BumBum is only liable for intent and gross negligence.

Unless otherwise stated in the Consumer Protection Act (KSchG), Vienna is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes in connection with the services of BumBum.

Within the scope of the KSchG, Austrian law is to be applied to the legal relationship with BumBum, with the exception of its reference standards and the UN sales law.