BumBum Coins

On BumBum you can use «BumBum-Coins» (or BSC) as payment for your transactions. Pretty much all automated business operations are conducted in BSC.

Coins can either be bought directly from BumBum (of course the more BSC you buy, the cheaper the price per coin will be), yet coins can also be earned by service providers by selling their selfies (or any other kind of self-made image) to men requesting these.

Coin purchase prices are indicated below. Please be warned that prices may change without notice.

BS Coins Price in €
6 BSC 10,- €
23 BSC 25,- €
49 BSC 50,- €
100 BSC 100,- €

There are many areas where primarily advertisers are asked to pay for using BumBum, these include:

  • Publication of SedCards
  • Promotion of SedCards
  • Publication of Banners

Service consumers (primarily men) don't really need to spend coins anywhere on the site.