BumBum is committed to providing quality data to all our visitors and top of the line service to all the advertisers using our web portal.

Our top priority is — quality content which YOU as a consumer can rely upon. We are constantly investing time and resources and are betting on machine-learning systems to persue this aim. We are dedicated to fighting cheaters and abusers of our system. Lets create quality content together!

What can I expect as a service consumer?

BumBum has around 800 published SedCards (mostly from Austria). Female/Transgender Sex-Workers rely on our portal to advertise their services. We are committed to ensuring that data presented on BumBum is of a high quality standard, this amongst many others includes:

  • Moderating ALL uploaded images with the help of a neural network which helps us spot fakes.
  • Investigating EVERY reported problem on any SedCard
  • Locking problematic vendors who receive constant complaints (and who try to cheat our system)

Apart from focusing on quality of data and service, we are also taking tremendous care to make sure your user experience with BumBum is a pleasant one, hence:

  • ALL our UI and UX are built for mobile screens first
  • We are driving one of the fastest web portals in Austria (a challenge of its own with 2.000.000 monthly page views)

BumBum itself consists of the following main building blocks which you as a consumer can interact with:


The main advertising building block of BumBum — is a SedCard. A SedCard (also called comp card, composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models, in our case strictly female/transgender Sex-Models read more about SedCards...