Reporting Problems

Unfortunately not every service provider can meet all of your expectations. This is especially true when you are deliberately mislead to believe faulty information. Yet our mission is to provide quality content so we make it a top priority to research absolutely every reported problem with any of the SedCards on our platform.

Should any of the below apply to your case, please do not hesitate, and report a problem with the corresponding SedCard, you will find a «Report Problem» button under the lady's metrics.

  • Wrong Phone number
  • Photo shows a different person
  • Inquiries are not reacted on
  • Appointment was arranged and not respected
  • Offered service is not performed
  • Total price mismatch
  • Description is not reflecting reality
  • Other service-related problems

We have a dedicated team responsible for setting the issue straight with every reported problem. Please allow some time for processing the reports. You might be contacted for more information, the same will happen with the vendor.

Vendors receiving many problem reports will be blocked from advertising on our site. Lets create quality together!

SedCards with minor problem reports will be penalized with a Malus in all pricing constructs.