SedCards & Lists

The main advertising building block of BumBum — is a SedCard. A SedCard (also called comp card, composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models, in our case strictly female/transgender Sex-Models.

All SedCards and their content including pictures are managed by the service providers and not BumBum. Nonetheless we are doing a lot in order to ensure What You See Is What You Get (i.e. that YOUR expectations are met when booking a date from our catalog), this being an absolutely FREE service carried out by BumBum for sex-service consumers.

Some of the many quality gates that all SedCards go through are:

  • All uploaded images are analyzed by a Neural Network to spot matching images on the internet (to track down fakes)
  • Quality vendors verify their phone number by SMS
  • Quality vendors verify their identity by uploading a selfie
  • We are seriously investigating EVERY reported problem — bad vendors are BLOCKED from advertising on BumBum

At the end of the day: if you experience problems with ANY sedcard, please do not hesitate to report these to us, we will investigate in detail and take measures against this.


Apart from the standard data one would expect to see on a SedCard (Name, photos, description, metrics, contact phone number, pricing) we are also providing some additional information that might be relevant for your desires:

  • A list of offered services, split into categories, with links to other SedCards offering the same services.
  • Some SedCard might include a video
  • Pricing for various time intervals
  • Availability calendar
  • Spoken languages

Should it be the case that you have a problematic experience with any of the SedCards, please do not hesitate to report a problem.

SedCard Lists

Pretty much all surfing on BumBum start from the homepage which is at the same time an unfiltered, sorted list of ALL currently published SedCards stored in our system.

The default sorting of SedCards is based around YOUR geographical location: first you will see all SedCards from within 100km around your location (we call it a Facet), then another block from within 250km, and then all others.

Inside every one of these facets the SedCards are sorted either by their placement number (concrete placements are paid for by the vendors) or by a sort order defined by YOU.

Naturally one would want to filter and search these lists looking for one's own desires. We offer a lot of possibilites to do so: