Advertising on BumBum

We are offering a possibility to place banners on BumBum.

How does it work?

Your banner must adhere to the following standards:

  • The Banner image must not be larger than 80 Kb
  • The Banner image must be at least 420 x 420 pixels in dimensions
  • Only JPeg or PNG image formats are supported

You will have the possibility to publish your banner using one of the following budget options:

  • Impressions - you define how often your banner is to be displayed (price per 1000 impressions)
  • Clicks - you define how much you want your banner to be clicked (price per click)
  • Time - you define for how long you want your banner to be online (price per day)

For all of the possibilities above we provide detailed and up2date stats of how your banners perform.

Once you have a banner design ready, or would like us to design one for you — please reach out to support.

We wish you a lot of success with your Banners on BumBum

Your BumBum-Team